Roon Partner Update: August 2019

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We’re ending this summer with the exclamation point it deserves! August was an exciting month that gave us 6 new Roon Ready devices from 6 unique Roon partners, each bringing something different to the table. Check out these offerings from Ayon Audio, CH Precision, ELAC, EMM Labs, MBL, Mytek, and Waversa.

Ayon S-10 II
Roon Ready

Three years in the making, the Ayon S-10 II is the much-anticipated follow up to the original S-10 network player. The updated model expands on the modular concept design with built-in Roon Ready streaming technology, an analog preamp, a new dual mono DAC, and an updated PCM to DSD converter.

CH Precision C1 D/A Controller
Roon Ready

There’s no better indulgence than the newly Roon Ready CH Precision C1 Digital to Analog Controller. This sophisticated piece of Swiss engineering supports DSD256, PCM content up to 32-bit / 384kHz, and its fully modular architecture allows for up to three input boards.

Roon Ready

A veteran of the Roon Partner Programs, ELAC is back again — this time with the DS-A101-G WiFi Streaming Integrated Amplifier. This Roon Ready amplifier delivers on both convenience and value with built-in WiFi support and a modest price point, making it a strong option for a number of different applications.

EMM Labs NS-1
Roon Ready

It’s always exciting to welcome new partners to our partner programs, and Canadian manufacturer EMM Labs is no exception. The NS-1 Network Streamer is their first (of hopefully many!) Roon Ready offerings. It supports 24-bit/192kHz PCM, DSD64, and MQA with AES, Toslink, and Optilink outputs.

Roon Ready

If you still like to collect CDs, look no further than the MBL N31 CD-DAC. Now sold with an optional Roon Ready network module, the N31 allows you to seamlessly switch between your CD and digital collections. It also includes a 4-path D/A converter and supports up to 24-bit/192kHz PCM and DSD64.

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge
Roon Ready

Introducing the Roon Ready Mytek Brooklyn Bridge! The Brooklyn Bridge is the same Brooklyn DAC+ we all know and love, but now with a built-in network connector and Roon Ready streaming technology.

Waversa WStreamer
Roon Ready

Not in the market for a full-fledged network player? The Waversa WStreamer is a pint-sized Roon Ready network bridge with USB and SPDIF outputs, allowing you to turn any USB DAC into a wireless endpoint.

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