Roon Partner Update: September 2019

As our partner program continues to grow, the Roon Ready and Roon Tested offerings from our partners become even more diverse. September was one of those months that covered the whole spectrum. From a thumb-sized USB DAC to a stunning digital upscaler, check out these new products from Audioquest, Cambridge Audio, Chord Electronics, and Stack […]

Roon Partner Update: August 2019

We’re ending this summer with the exclamation point it deserves! August was an exciting month that gave us 6 new Roon Ready devices from 6 unique Roon partners, each bringing something different to the table. Check out these offerings from Ayon Audio, CH Precision, ELAC, EMM Labs, MBL, Mytek, and Waversa.

Roon Partner Update: July 2019

We’ve always admired the timeless nature of the audio industry – from vintage tube amps to modern streaming DACs, we’re spoiled by such a broad spectrum of gear. While it’s not uncommon to see some hardware manufacturers come and go, this group of Roon partners has an average tenure of 63 years! July brought us […]

Roon Partner Update: May 2019

There’s no better way to experience your music than with a Roon Ready or Roon Tested device. Our May partner update includes an impressive mix of 10 new Roon Ready and Roon Tested devices from Weiss Engineering, Esoteric, Naim, MSB Technology, SOtM, and McIntosh.

Roon Partner Update: April 2019

April was a family affair as a number of complete families of devices passed through our QA department, with a total of 33 Roon Ready and 5 Roon Tested devices joining more than 350 other devices in our partner programs. It’s hard to believe the first Roon Ready devices shipped only 3 years ago! Enjoy […]

Roon Partner Update: March 2019

Lindemann returns with a new Roon Ready device, Pro-Ject add their first Roon Ready option, McIntosh gets Roon Tested designation, and two brand new manufacturers join the mix! 

Roon Partner Update: February 2019

Five manufacturers introduced Roon Ready and Roon Tested devices in February! Check out the offerings from Devialet, IQaudIO, Kalista, Kii Audio, and MBL. 

Roon Partner Update: January 2019

What a month! January brought us Roon Ready devices from Ayre, Chord, dCS, ELAC, exaSound, Gold Note, Metrum, and Sonore. From portable solutions to all-in-one behemoths, there’s a new Roon Ready device for you.

Roon Partner Update: December 2018, Part Two

There was no better way to finish off 2018 than with 6 more Roon Ready and Roon Tested devices! Part two of December’s Roon partner update included offerings from Cary Audio, JBL, Mark Levinson, Mytek, and Mutec.

Roon Partner Update: December 2018

December has been the busiest month for Roon partnerships to date, with 7 brands introducing 15 new Roon Ready and Roon Tested devices just in time for the holiday season. These devices seamlessly integrate with Roon, and are guaranteed to provide the highest standard of user experience and audio quality.